The 7 Principles Of Kwanzaa Portrayed By Bears

The cuddliest examples of The Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles).

1. Unity (Umoja)

The first of the seven principles is Umoja, or Unity. Unity in our families and community is an important aspect of Kwanzaa.

2. Self-Determination (Kujichagulia)

The second principle of Kwanzaa is Kujichagulia, or Self-Determination.

3. Collective Work and Responsibility (Ujima)

Ujima - or Collective Work and Responsibility - is the third principle urging us to work together to solve problems and build stronger communities.

4. Cooperative Economics (Ujamaa)

The fourth principle of Kwanzaa is Ujamaa, or Cooperative Economics. Support your community by buying local.

5. Purpose (Nia)

Focusing on our Nia or Purpose, is the fifth principle of Kwanzaa.

6. Creativity (Kuumba)

The sixth principle is Creativity, or Kuumba. Creativity enhances our communities, making them better places.

7. Faith (Imani)

The seventh principle of Kwanzaa is Faith, or Imani. Believing in ourselves and our communities is the most important part!

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