How To Survive Between "Breaking Bad" Episodes

Seven days is torture. Torture I tell you!!

1. Monday: Calm yourself and recuperate from last night’s episode. This, no doubt, will require drinking.

That drink would be even cooler if it’s all blue and in a beaker and served to you by an Aaron Paul wannabe in a hazmat vest. But we’re not picky.

2. Tuesday: When people ask you dumb questions, answer them with a series of *dings*.

It won’t get old. Promise.

3. Wednesday: Explore a few theories to help you sort out how all of this might end.

What does it all MEAN?!?

4. Thursday: Take your car in for a wash and ask very. specific. questions.

5. But try not to get kicked out.

6. Friday: By this time it’s tough to concentrate on work. So spend the day doodling pictures of yourself as Heisenberg.

And your friends, your dog…

7. Saturday: Start pulling together pieces for your Breaking-Bad-themed Halloween costume.

Hmm, Walt as Walt…Walt as Heisenberg…Jesse…Marie…Gustavo…so hard to choose!!

8. Sunday: Pick up these Los Pollos Hermanos drinking glasses because, well, who doesn’t need these glasses?!

9. …and time your (dinner) cook just right so you don’t miss a minute of the episode.

10. Still antsy? Perhaps this animated version of Badger’s Star Trek episode idea will put you at ease.

11. Not enough? How about this adorable Walt/Jesse switch-a-roo?

Aww, Bryan and Aaron. You two are just two cute together! So much…chemistry.

12. Or this:

Don’t worry. We will make it through this week together! Come on Sunday…

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