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    23 Reasons Practicing Yoga Is Better Than Sex

    It may sound like a stretch, but facts are facts.

    1. You don't have to buy yoga dinner and movie beforehand.

    2. In yoga you're only sweating on yourself.

    3. Deep breathing and moaning are acceptable no matter who is in the next room.

    4. If you reach a point where you feel confused about what to do next, there's a teacher to guide you.

    5. Yoga retreat? Awesome! Sex retreat? Creepy.

    6. The only required protection is a yoga mat.

    7. A yoga addiction is easier to explain at a family dinner.

    8. You can switch positions at your own pace.

    9. Yoga is good for you.

    10. Yoga on the beach = beautiful. Sex on the beach = sand in awkward places.

    11. Yoga with a friend is always a good idea. Sex with a friend is NOT always a good idea.

    12. It's okay to encourage your kids to do yoga at an early age.

    13. Sometimes very little clothing can be sexier than no clothing at all.

    14. It's not super depressing if you usually do yoga alone.

    15. Losing your balance won't kill the mood.

    16. It's socially acceptable to do yoga with animals.

    17. By the time you reach savasana, everyone is satisfied.

    18. Your yoga practice is about what YOU need.

    19. If someone...ehem...lets one go during class, there are more people to blame it on.

    20. There is no danger of anyone being disappointed in your performance in yoga class.

    21. Having several yoga partners is something that can be discussed in mixed company.

    22. When class is over, everyone bows in honor of your effort.

    23. This video.

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    Hey, no one said yoga doesn't lead to sex.