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Twilight Fans Already In Line Outside H Hall

It has begun. The Breaking Dawn panel isn't until 11:15am PST on Thursday, but that hasn't stopped these Twihards from getting in line today. Just repeat after me: It'll all be over by Thursday afternoon. It'll all be over by Thursday afternoon.

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Sparkles For Blood

In a moment of suicidal impulse pure genius, the marketing team for 30 Days of Night will be giving out free copies of this vampire horror novel to anyone who brings their Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" book to exchange.

According to an IDW press release,

"Recently, vampires in pop culture have started to swing back to the romanticized vamps of other literature and films before 30 Days of Night," said IDW chief creative officer, Chris Ryall. "In some cases, they're even being treated more as chaste immortal teenagers than as the murderous creatures that they are. 'Sparkles for Blood' will remind everyone that vampires are creatures of the night, not of the twilight."

Be sure to look for their SDCC team's mangled corpses at the IDW Publishing booth.

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