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6 Theories About J.J. Abrams' Mysterious New Project From Most To Least Insane

Abrams' production company Bad Robot tweeted a trailer for Stranger that gives tantalizing few plot details. Which means let the rampant speculation begin! Update: It's a book!

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6. Horror based gender-bending Twelfth Night.

Shakespeare's classic tale starts with a woman shipwrecked on shore in a foreign land where for safety reasons it's better to just pretend to be a dude, leading to a comedy of errors. Perhaps in this version, a man washes up on shore and must pretend to be a demonic cult worshiper.

Probability: Hahaha no. But we can dream.

5. Star Wars: Episode VII

It opens with stars. Stars equal space. Space equals Star Wars. It's a long shot, especially considering how deep in the Extended Universe lore you have to go to find anyone with lips sewn shut, but it's not impossible.

Probability: Infinitesimally small.

4. Count of Monte Cristo remake.

A guy in vague period clothing washed up on a beach with what appears to be broken rope restraints? A narration about the loss of everything? Fabulous hair? All signs point to Alexandre Dumas classic tale right up until that pesky creepy skinhead.

Probability: Cloudy with a chance of not likely.

3. A new interpretation of Jekyll & Hyde.

Perhaps this is an existential trailer about becoming lost in your own mind, erased by your own chemical imbalance and reborn as a man who's hobbies include moonlit walks on the beach and sewing.

Probability: Good. No, bad. No, good. No, bad...


2. Anything to do with Cthulhu or Lovecraft.

Everything about this trailer feels like something from sci-fi horror author H.P. Lovecraft — from the ominous narration to creepy cultists. Sewn shut lips definitely seems like something the devoted followers of Yog-Sothoth would require in order to join their club.


1. The Stops Along The Way penned by Twilight Zone creator and host Rod Serling.

The man behind the cult sci-fi series that served as a major inspiration to Abrams' finished his final completed script shortly before his death in 1975. However, it never made it to the screen. Back in June, Bad Robot announced through Variety they had acquired the rights to turn the screenplay into a mini-series. Little information was given about the plot, with Serling's wife only saying, “[It combines] a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of imagination” and it “takes place over a long period of time.”

Probability: If you were a betting man/woman/child/elder god, this would be boringly safe.

Watch the whole trailer!

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UPDATE! This extended trailer explains what's going on in typical Abrams' fashion.

By explaining nothing at all.

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It's a book! Or at least, part of it is a book. Oddly, it's being handle much the way a movie or television show might, with Abrams creating the idea and then delegating the actual script to a writer, in this case Doug Dorst.

Dorst is the creator of two previous works, the novel Alive In Necropolis and the short story collection The Surf Guru, both of which are critically lauded.

This may be reading too much into it, but the book looks like a prequel to another work, as the trailer states this is only the beginning and everything he wrote is true. So if the novel is the "truth" then the mystery is just beginning. Or maybe it's just a book.