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    The Cast Of Archie Cosplaying As The Cast Of "Star Trek" [Exclusive]

    To boldly go where no comic has gone before. Is anyone else bemused by the concept of Jughead as Spock?

    Archie Comics sent us an exclusive look at the variant cover for the new cross-over with the one and only George Takei.

    Ever since the introduction of Kevin Keller as an openly gay character in 2010, Archie has consistently done social commentary with a light-hearted twist. From their landmark interracial gay marriage to a battle of the bands with KISS to gender-bending the entire cast for Archina, they've breathed modern life into the 71-year-old world of Riverdale.

    When the gang gets a school assignment to write about a person who has inspired them, Kevin chooses George Takei, the legendary Star Trek actor who came out several years ago.

    When Kevin hears that he's at a local convention, he recruits Jughead to go with him, unaware that Mr. Takei, moved by Kevin's article, has made a trip to Riverdale to pay him a visit. Kevin rushes to meet up with his idol, but will he make it in time?

    Beam yourself aboard on 12/5.