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6 Reasons NOT To Give Bieber A Chance

Rebuttal to the strangely pro-singing-child-thing fever that has taken hold of Buzzfeed. [Ed's Note: BuzzFeed, like a court of law, just wants to give you the facts. You decide. And if you decide against Bieber, go away and never come back. Kidding! #6 is a decent point, ask Matt.]

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  • 1. His Name Is Spelled Wrong

    The child can't even pronounce his own name. If he's going to say Beeber, he needs to spell it Beeber. This is America, we don't take kindly to fancy spelling.

  • 2. Looks Like A Lesbian

    We've already been over this.

  • 3. Not Old Enough For His Lyrics

    It can't even be ironic, can it? You aren't going to make her less lonely, only more pregnant.

  • 4. PETA Is Evil

    PETA KILLS ANIMALS. Let's not support anyone that encourages these wackos.

  • 5. Invading Twitter

    Seriously. Log on to your twitter account. Bieber is in the trend. He's been there for months. Between the tween zombie legions and everyone over 15 tweeting, "WHO THE FUCK IS JUSTIN BIEBER?" he is a plague. So much so that he is affecting Conan. This will not stand.

  • 6. We Don't Want This To Happen

    There is only one former teen singer that I can think of that made it to adulthood with career and personal life intact. Justin Timberlake. For the sake of Bieber, don't let him end up like 99.9% of teen idols. Hate him...because you care.