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    Should Millennials Be Fangirling Over These 14 Actors Over 40?

    Answer: no. Get eye candy out of your own age bracket girls, these men are for the grown-ups.

    14. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Age 43

    Old enough to be your dad? Then:

    13. Mark Ruffalo - Age 45

    Was he in college when you were in diapers? GTFO then.

    12. Viggo Mortensen - Age 54

    You see that age gap? You are welcome to fall into it.

    11. Alan Rickman - Age 67

    You Muggle babies need to Evanesco on out of here.

    10. Martin Freeman - Age 42

    You get both of them, so how about you don't be greedy shits?

    9. Karl Urban - Age 41

    Didn't know who he was until Star Trek? NOT FOR YOU THEN.

    8. Daniel Craig - Age 45

    Ask yourself this question. If the answer is twenty-something, see yourself out.

    7. Ewan McGregor - Age 42

    If your first exposure to Obi Wan was above instead of below, this is not the crush you're looking for.

    6. Jeremy Renner - Age 42

    The Avengers fandom is rife with young blood, so GO FIND:

    5. Richard Armitage - Age 42

    A King deserves a Queen, not a Princess.

    4. Johnny Depp - Age 50

    The gloves are off girls, let's be real.

    3. Idris Elba - Age 41

    He might be canceling the apocalypse, but we will cancel your life if you don't move along.

    2. Hugh Jackman - Age 44

    A gentlemen this fine likes a mature lady, if you know what I'm sayin'.

    1. Robert Downey Jr. - Age 48 This isn't even up for discussion.

    BONUS: Jensen Ackles - Age 35

    Look, we'd let you have this one, but Cas is very territorial.