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Salvador Dali Once Illustrated "Alice In Wonderland"

It was a match made is psychedelic Heaven. Surreal and melty, just what you'd expect from Dali.

1. Front Cover

In 1969, a print run of Alice In Wonderland was released featuring the surreal illustrations of Salvador Dali. The book contained twelve heliogravures according to Brain Pickings, one for each chapter.

A heliogravure is one of the oldest ways to reproduced photographic images, involving an expensive, time-consuming process. You can read all about it over here. The decision to use this technique helped emphasize the lush colors Dali favored.

Only the cover of the was different, a sketched etching in muted tones.

Thanks to the William Bennett Gallery for preserving Dali's work in digital form!

2. Down The Rabbit Hole

3. The Pool Of Tears

4. A Caucus Race And A Long Tale

5. The Rabbit Sends In A Little Bill

6. Advice From A Caterpillar

7. Pig And Pepper

8. Mad Tea Party

9. The Queen's Croquet Ground

10. The Mock Turtle's Story

11. Lobster Quadrille

12. Who StoleThe Tarts?

13. Alice's Evidence