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    15 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Sleepy Hollow" Based Solely On The Pilot

    Look, just trust me. This show takes a little bit of X-Files, throws in some Supernatural with a dash of Elementary then shakes until awesome. Warning: Pilot spoilers ahead!

    1. The main character is a WOC police officer named Abbie Mills and she is taking no shit from an out-of-time abolitionist.

    2. And this is the other main character, Ichabod Crane, back from the dead after 250 years and looking pretty damn fine*.

    *Shit are we all necrophiliacs now?

    3. A man with his priorities straight.

    4. Because it decapitates two people in 10 minutes with better effects than some movies.

    5. And three people by the halfway mark. It even let viewers live the experience.

    6. The show basically throws down the gauntlet against FOX's notorious cancellation reputation.

    7. Because it made this subtle joke about 144,000 people getting into heaven based on some religious texts.

    8. And then it followed up with this joke.

    9. Because it gave a shout-out to Hocus Pocus wherein paved roads are strange and scary.

    10. And asked really relevant questions.

    11. Because Ichabod Crane not understanding modern shit is adorable.

    12. Meanwhile the Headless Horseman is like, "Lol you peasant, technology is easy."

    13. Because there's a map of creepy unsolved cases.

    FOX Studios

    14. Not to mention the witch covens, demons, and the unapologetic "Biblical Apocalypse is nigh!" premise.

    15. And of course, because of the sizzling sexual tension. Can we call the ship Abbodie?

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