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    18 People Having The Best Summer Ever

    Carpe diem. Because summer is only once a year.

    1. This mad genius.

    2. This daredevil.

    3. This kid.

    4. This girl who knows how to accessorize her sunburn.

    5. This epic Viking riding into battle on a noodle horse.

    6. This guy who brought the pool to him.

    7. This guy photobombing family memories.

    8. These dudes passing the time while fishing.

    9. This person who turned no-glasses-lemons into ice-glass-lemonade.

    10. These people making a human tower of Pisa.

    11. This chick sunbathing from the comfort of central air.

    12. These lifehack wizards.

    13. And their lake cousins.

    14. The park rangers who run this nature trail.

    15. This home owner and his summer movie setup.

    16. These parents who know what's up.

    17. This dolphin wrangler.

    18. And of course, your Gram-Gram and her BFF.