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    8 Excellent Reasons To Love Star Trek's New Carol Marcus

    Not all heroes look the same. There's been some rumblings that Dr. Marcus isn't living up to her legacy. Warning: MASSIVE "Star Trek Into Darkness" spoilers!

    1. She's a physicist.

    Which means forging authentic looking Starfleet transfer documents to check up on her dad's sketchy behavior is child's play. Proactive child's play.

    2. She doesn't take shit from Kirk.

    Straight out the gate she's all "Hey remember how your slept with my friend and then forgot about her so she ran off to become a nurse? Oh you don't? How so like you."

    3. She doesn't take sass from Spock.

    Another science officer on the Enterprise equipped with all the parts Kirk prefers? Spock is having a Vulcan conniption. Carol Marcus gives zero fucks.

    4. And she certainly doesn't stand for sexual harassment.*

    *While this is definitely a gratuitous underwear scene, so was the one where Kirk was naked in bed with catgirl twins. The only difference is the Internet (sadly) isn't inundated with shirtless Chris Pine GIFS.

    5. She saves the day by disarming a bomb.

    When Bones screwed up, they both would've been blown to pink mist in 10 seconds if not for Marcus's fast acting.

    6. She doesn't try to explain away her power hungry lunatic of a father.

    But she tries to talk him down anyway in order to save the crew. When that doesn't work, she resorts to slapping the shit out of him.

    7. She's human.

    Starbuck she is not. But not having combat training to fight on a broken leg or the emotional stamina to not scream while witnessing the brutal murder of her father are not personality flaws.

    8. So before anyone thinks Doctor Carol Marcus is a pushover, just remember she is:

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