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30 Cartoon Animals You Totally Crushed On As A Kid

Childhood love knows no species. No judgment, just sexy nostalgia.

1. Let's start off obvious. Beast was more attractive cursed.

2. But he wasn't the only crush-worthy object in Beauty and the Beast.

3. Lola Bunny kick-started puberty across America in Space Jam.

4. Who didn't love Tailspin's Kit Cloudkicker?

5. You crushed on one of these two gumshoes.

6. Or maybe you had a thing for scatterbrained super-intelligent mice.

7. Speaking of sexy rodents, remember Jake from Rescuers Down Under?

8. Did you prefer the dashing Sherlock Hound?

9. Or the stoic Goliath?

10. Speaking of stoic hotties, Bambi's dad, you guys.

11. You totally understood why Max from A Goofy Movie was in love with Roxanne.

12. Cheetara made unitards look damn fine.

13. Brak might not have been the best-looking guy, but a sense of humor is important in a fictional boyfriend.

14. You can say you didn't love Buster or Babs Bunny (no relation...yet), but you'd be lying.

15. Young Simba, voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, was super-cute.

16. But he was even hotter as an adult.

17. Nala's sex face confused a generation of pre-teen hormones.

18. OK, so lions are just sexy, I guess. Exhibit D: Kovu from The Lion King 2.

19. Every little girl wanted Robin Hood to be her boyfriend.

20. And every little boy wanted to marry Maid Marian.

21. He's a Tramp, but we love him.

22. And the street-smart Dodger stole young hearts with Billy Joel's voice.

23. But Cooler from Pound Puppies was the hottest dog of all.

24. Minerva Mink snuck a lot of sexual undertones into Animaniacs.

25. Which Chipette did you wish was your girlfriend?

26. Sexy centaurs in Fantasia were the first female nudity a lot of us saw. And we liked it.

27. Did you love O'Malley and Duchess from The Aristocats?

28. Or were your childhood crushes centered around Cats Don't Dance stars Danny and Sawyer?

29. Even Paula Abdul was into animated animals.

30. And for some reason, this goldfish pinged our attraction radars.

Honorable Mention: Jack Skellington