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    Can You Get Through This Post Without Needing A Moment?

    There's a reason they call it fangirling. Because ladies, it's getting hot in here.

    1. Captain Hook, what a talented mouth you have.

    2. Those eyes. That tongue. Thomas, stop that.

    3. Drag us to hell and call us "darling."

    4. Come to bed, Idris Elba.

    5. Robert Downey Jr. I...cannot form a coherent thought.

    6. No, we're good just standing here. Keep going Chris.

    7. That scarf looks hot, you should take it off in the bedroom.

    8. Eye-sexing tease is what you are, Aaron Paul.

    9. Tom! How'd you get back here...oh. Okay. Nevermind.

    10. A preview of how the third date ends at Starfleet.

    11. Your cheekbones are hitting on me. I like it.

    12. Mother of mercy, it's getting steamy in here.

    13. Kevin Tran obviously took Advanced Placement in Sexy.

    14. ...sorry just drowned in the intensity of this gaze.

    15. Dammit Tom! Get out of this li....wait, what was I saying?

    16. I'll just be here on the floor melting from this smile.

    17. A knight in the field, but a rogue in the bedroom.

    18. Lips…lips…lips…wait sorry went into a trance.

    19. ...yes please...

    20. *Stares unblinking for three minutes* Okay but this is the last time!

    21. All the best people are

    22. Well thank heavens that problem got resolved!

    23. Cigarettes might kill but we'll be long dead from his sexy stare.

    24. Mark Ruffalo put that book down and take those pants off.

    25. Can't...where am I?

    26. Sorry, did you say something?

    27. Can you not Sayid...can't think straight.

    28. We hope you've got plans for that tie, Mr. Fassbender.

    29. Yeah, those kinds of plans.