20 Best “Text From Last Night” Mash-Ups Of 2013

Because making terrible mistakes transcends fandoms.

1. Owls are basically cell phones that poop and bite.

2. A smorgasbord of sassy texts from The Avengers.

3. Everyone’s favorite nearly immortal Torchwood agent.

4. Disney Princesses like you’ve never seen them before.

6. The cast of Pacific Rim has to pass the time somehow.

8. An approximation of drunk texts from the young Justice League.

9. Even in the future, drunk texts reign supreme.

10. Cell phones don’t exist in Westeros but imagine if they did.

13. The Winchester clan and all their friends…and enemies.

14. Let’s be real: As soon as Ichabod figures out QWERTY they’ll never stop him.

15. Even after the Mushroom Wars, nothing changes human nature.

18. Luckily when you reboot Hannibal to modern day, you get cell phones.

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