A Tribute To People Who Work On Christmas

Thank you! Not everyone get the 25th of December off. But without these unsung heroes, how would the rest of us function today?

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Thank You, Firefighters!

Felix Onigbinde / AP

Without you, Christmas would end in an electrical fire (and tears) from abusing the amount of lights one circuit can conceivably handle.

Thank You, Gas Station Attendant!


Without you, where would we buy last minute booze and cigarettes to keep our family gatherings from turning ugly?

Thank You, Hospital Staff!


Without you, where would we go to treat these second degree burns brought on by thinking roasting chestnuts on an open fire was a good idea?

Thank You, Police Officers!

MIKE SEGAR / Reuters

Without you, we wouldn't be driving ten miles under the speed limit because seriously, how many glasses of Egg Nog did I have tonight? Act cool, act cool.

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