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7 Minutes Of Unreleased "Return Of The Jedi" Film Surfaces

Seven minutes in heaven, indeed. Never before seen footage from the filming of Return of the Jedi in Buttercup Valley.

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Every time you think the Internet can't cough up any more amazing Star Wars properties, the Internet thinks "Challenge Accepted".

The guys over at /film found this gem uploaded yesterday. It's uncertain whether this is a sneaky superfan or a legitimate documentarian, but let's assume it's the former since it was filmed from the parking lot and took nearly 30 years for the footage to come to light.

The captured scene shows all the iconic imagery from the Sarlacc pit fight, including these highlights:

Boba Fett flailing around on support wires has been seen before, but it never gets old.

R2-D2 surreptitiously filmed through a chain link fence. He looks so lonely and forgotten.

The amount of camera tricks needed to hide all the giant cranes and scaffolding is pretty impressive when you remember this was before Lucas could just CGI the imperfections away.

The humorous title screen is a great touch. Sand-O-Vision! For when you need to add "art" filters two decades before the invention of Instagram.