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    5 Other Natural Disasters That Happened This Week

    Hurricane Sandy is stealing the spotlight. But Mother Nature has been exceptionally volatile this week.

    1. October 26th - 5.3 Earthquake Strikes Southern Italy

    Italy / Reuters

    Part of the ceiling of the Santa Maria del Colle cathedral is seen damaged, after an earthquake, in Mormanno next to Cosenza October 26, 2012. There were at least 14 aftershocks.

    2. October 28th - Western Canada Struck By 7.7 Magnitude Quake

    Flickr: sbeebe

    The Queen Charlotte Islands shook a little after 8pm local time, with one death attributed to the disaster.

    3. October 28th - Parts Of Alaska Go Under Tsunami Warning

    Flickr: 78154062@N02

    Luckily, it was only a 4 inch wave.

    4. October 28th - Hawaii Issues A Tsunami Warning

    Flickr: merfam

    The Canadian quake reverberated all the way to the Hawaiian islands with 5 foot waves.

    5. October 29th - Arkansas Hit By 3.9 Magnitude Earthquake


    While causing no damage, it is cause for concern since the quake happened on the New Madrid fault line that runs from Arkansas to Illinois.

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