20 DIY Pop Culture Themes For Your Baby's Nursery

    It's never too early to raise the next generation of superfans. One day your kids will hate everything you like. Today is not that day.

    1. Baby Harry Potter might have lived in the cupboard under the stairs, but your Muggle doesn't.

    2. One room to rule them all, one room to find them.

    3. Little Kal-El grew up under the red sun of Krypton and that color would permeate his color scheme through the rest of his life as Superman.

    4. Whimsical and wondrous are wonderful adjectives to start life under, even if your baby's name isn't Alice.

    5. What's the point in being grown-up if you can't decorate your future progeny's room like a TARDIS?

    6. Whether you prefer Kirk, Picard, Janeway, or Sisko, your nursery will boldly go where no baby has gone before.

    7. ALL HAIL CTHULHU! The sooner the next generation learns this, the more likely they are to survive.

    8. District 12 isn't the best place to raise a baby, but the Capitol is a different story.

    9. No snakes (or Nazis) in this archaeology-themed nursery.

    10. What's this? What's this? Combine terror and toys with a "Nightmare Before Christmas" nursery.

    11. Perhaps the first Super Fandom, and one of the most enduring, is Star Wars. Raise a new generation of Jedis and Bounty Hunters in this room.

    12. It'sa me, Mario! Level 1:1 will never leave pop culture consciousness as long as nurseries like these continue.

    13. Do you love "Twilight"? Here's how to Bella-ify (or Edward-ify) your offspring.

    14. The baby is coming. Prepare for your little lords and ladies with a room fit for nobility.

    15. The war may have ended before they were born, but your infant can still aim to misbehave as a Browncoat.

    16. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Nursery.

    17. The faster your baby learns not be afraid of the walkers, the faster they can help you kill them.

    18. Victorian England, only with more gears and gaslights and dirigibles.

    19. Training to be the very best, like no one ever was, starts at birth.

    20. We have to go back! We have to go back to the nursery!