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    20 DIY Pop Culture Themes For Your Baby's Nursery

    It's never too early to raise the next generation of superfans. One day your kids will hate everything you like. Today is not that day.

    1. Baby Harry Potter might have lived in the cupboard under the stairs, but your Muggle doesn't.

    - A Quidditch crib mobile is available here.

    - Wrap your little Muggle in House colors from Cho.

    - There is a serious lack of Potter crib sheets on the market. Purchase some witchy sheets and follow this tutorial to make your own!

    - Pull the room together with some little touches like JackoTaco did, adding a familiar and your favorite book quote decals.

    2. One room to rule them all, one room to find them.

    - Use these free patterns to create your own Fellowship then turn them into a mobile.

    - This Elven-ish crib is not for sale but finding someone with proper skill could easily replicate it.

    - This tree of Gondor stands over five feet tall and would make a perfect door (or wall) decoration.

    - It's never too early to learn the Elvish ABCs. The whole alphabet is available in colorful prints.

    3. Little Kal-El grew up under the red sun of Krypton and that color would permeate his color scheme through the rest of his life as Superman.

    - Red is the first color babies see, so don't blind them. Take a page from Christi Dame and use it as an accent color.

    - Give your little Man (or Woman) of Steel something cut their crime-fighting teeth on with a security lovey blanket.

    - Put some motivational action on the walls with decals by Aubrey Heath.

    - Pull the room together with a custom set of crib sheets to dream on.

    4. Whimsical and wondrous are wonderful adjectives to start life under, even if your baby's name isn't Alice.

    - Blogger The Vanilla Bean shows off how to do girly baby bedding without drowning in pink.

    - But a little pink in the accents won't hurt, like this crib mobile by JorganJamber.

    - It wouldn't be a proper Alice nursery without some teacups. A unique bookshelf should fit the bill.

    - There are a lot of Wonderland wall decals out there, but if you want something different, photographer Pahoyhoy suggests pinning up character clothing.

    5. What's the point in being grown-up if you can't decorate your future progeny's room like a TARDIS?

    - TacoTraci has a ton of detailed photographs on basics like color scheme. The wall decal is available in a variety of colors.

    - GeekAByeBaby makes sure your little Time Lord sleeps easy in made-to-order bedding. Throw in a blanket based on the fourth doctor if you're old-school.

    - And of course, teach them who the enemy is by letting them shake the heck out a Dalek rattle.

    6. Whether you prefer Kirk, Picard, Janeway, or Sisko, your nursery will boldly go where no baby has gone before.

    - Custom deep space bedding from The Boys Depot is unisex despite the website name.

    - A unique wooden Enterprise mobile by RaysScraps to engender dreams of the final frontier.

    - Create a wall- (or room-) sized Milky Way mural by following this guide by thekidd.

    - Dress your little cadet in the color of whatever profession you hope they'll choose in Starfleet.

    7. ALL HAIL CTHULHU! The sooner the next generation learns this, the more likely they are to survive.

    - PillboxDesigns has decals to let your baby know they are always within reach of Cthulhu's loving tentacles.

    - A tasteful ceiling lamp guides your offspring toward the light.

    - While adorable in crochet form by KnitNutByJL, BuzzFeed does not recommend shaking eldritch creatures.

    - Remind them of this with a handy warning sign.

    - Once more crib sheet manufacturers disappoint, so pick up some hand-painted sheets and another relatively easy conversion tutorial.

    8. District 12 isn't the best place to raise a baby, but the Capitol is a different story.

    - Show off your support for Katniss with arrow wall decals or, if violence isn't the answer, a quote of hope.

    - Knit your own Mockingjay pins then use this simple tutorial to convert them into a mobile.

    - A green shag throw rug is easy on the knees and simulates grass.

    - Pick your favorite bakery-themed fabric to make fitted sheets.

    - Use the official Panem map to make wall mural or print it out to frame.

    9. No snakes (or Nazis) in this archaeology-themed nursery.

    - Let your little explorer study the world in matching crib map bedding.

    - Give the nursery an ancient feel with a simple tutorial on making bedroom walls look like stone blocks.

    - Remarkable Walls sells a variety of Indiana Jones decals to set the tone.

    - Pick up a monkey mobile and some gold fabric spray paint to make your idols.

    10. What's this? What's this? Combine terror and toys with a "Nightmare Before Christmas" nursery.

    - SnowflakeCrafts makes an adorable Jack and Sally mobile, along with special-request Boppy covers.

    - If you've got an artistic streak, black and white is easy for infants to see, and the iconic curled mountain is easy to draw.

    - Nonsense Things blogger Traci showed off her custom crib set along with detailed photos as ideas for room accents.

    - If you know a carpenter, maybe take a stab at this amazing hanging Sally dresser!

    11. Perhaps the first Super Fandom, and one of the most enduring, is Star Wars. Raise a new generation of Jedis and Bounty Hunters in this room.

    - Get your own customized fiber crib mobile from Sheep Creek complete with whichever ships and planets you want.

    - Take a page from Abbey's amazing Hoth nursery, including a Wampa rug!

    - Once more into the breach of creating crib sheets from twin sheet sets. It's like they don't want babies to have cool options.

    - Ward off the Dark Side with a gnawable Yoda rattle.

    12. It'sa me, Mario! Level 1:1 will never leave pop culture consciousness as long as nurseries like these continue.

    - Not all mushrooms are bad. Let your baby get bigger while crawling around on this crocheted rug.

    - Let your little gamer dream of the days when they'll have Nintendo thumb with a mobile by LoveFeltXoXo.

    - Tina Boryales ran into the theme crib sheet dearth and didn't let something like that stop her (or you).

    - What Mario lacks in sheets, he makes up for in wall decals. Just about every iteration is represented.

    13. Do you love "Twilight"? Here's how to Bella-ify (or Edward-ify) your offspring.

    - Start with a cute cuddly lion, lamb, and Nessie nesting stuffed animal set by SparkleHands.

    - If you can crochet, or know someone who can, this chessboard blanket pattern is available for free.

    - Choose your favorite quote(s) from the franchise to paste on the wall.

    - Continue the red, black, and white motif from the novel covers with a bedding set behind an evergreen wall mural.

    14. The baby is coming. Prepare for your little lords and ladies with a room fit for nobility.

    - Teach them their first words with colorful prints by Niko & Lily.

    - Fill their walls with a backdrop of the capital city of King's Landing or the seat of power for the other major Houses.

    - Pingvini makes an adorable dragon mobile.

    - If you're from a particularly wealthy House, consider a castle crib to protect your baby.

    15. The war may have ended before they were born, but your infant can still aim to misbehave as a Browncoat.

    - Use custom Serenity symbol fabric and a crib sheet tutorial to make a bedding set.

    - ThinkGeek sells a four foot wall decal replica of the Serenity.

    - With your baby in a Jayne Cobb hat by KnitandCrochet2009, everyone will know your kid ain't afraid of anything.

    - Pick up a cheap star mobile and cut off two of them to replace with felt strawberries.

    16. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Nursery.

    - Let your little Avatar live in the clouds by creating LED cloud lanterns to hang from the ceiling.

    - A free pattern on Ravelry walks you through crocheting a Four Elements blanket.

    - Pick up a life-sized plus of Momo from PinkuArt or your own flying sky bison plush.

    - Use this digital art as a basis to do each wall in the nursery as a different element.

    17. The faster your baby learns not be afraid of the walkers, the faster they can help you kill them.

    - There is an adorable zombie-print fabric just asking to be turned into a homemade bedding set.

    - Decorate the room with a set of snuggle Walking Dead plushes.

    - Put a set of undead hands around the baseboards.

    - Complete the look with minimalist posters by DesignDifferent, featuring the best quotes from the show so far.

    18. Victorian England, only with more gears and gaslights and dirigibles.

    - American Blinds makes a vintage key border to complement any metallic wall paint choice.

    - A round crib with luxurious bedding harkens back to the Victorian era.

    - Steampunk is all about alternate forms of air travel, so scatter some hot air balloons by Pavilion Broadway from the ceiling.

    - Top it off with your baby's name printed in gears by InAnInstantArt.

    19. Training to be the very best, like no one ever was, starts at birth.

    - Pick your favorite Pokemon (I choose you, Charmander) and make a bedding set using a tutorial.

    - Purchase a set of custom felt Pokeballs by HollyStarlight and substitute them in this crib mobile guide.

    - Make sure you cordon off the room with tall grass decals.

    - Use blank signs to recreate famous warnings found throughout the game and hang them over the grass.

    20. We have to go back! We have to go back to the nursery!

    - Bloggers M&J have perhaps the most detailed Lost baby's room ever. Seriously good place to mine for details like bedding and accents.

    - Keep your little Dharma employee warm with a handmade Initiative rug by AnnaLula.

    - Keep an eye on that rustling grass with a decorative border.

    - If the airplane mobile M&J chose is a little much, there's always an adorable polar bear alternative.

    Graphics by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed