11 Comic Villains Masquerading As Doctors

    Blowing the lid off this bogus docorate cover-up. Marvel and DC, please respond.

    In the comic book world, much like in the real one, having "Doctor" in front of your name garners respect. But is it earned? Somewhere out there, a super-villain diploma mill is making a killing.

    Let's look at the worst offenders.

    1. "Doctor" Doom - Nemesis: Fantastic Four

    2. "Doctor" Spectro - Nemesis: Justice League

    3. "Doctor" Sun - Nemesis: Fantastic Four

    4. "Doctor" Moon - Nemesis: Justice League

    5. "Doctor" Polaris - Nemesis: Justice League

    6. "Doctor" Cyber - Nemesis: Wonder Woman

    7. "Doctor" Psycho - Nemesis: Wonder Woman

    8. "Doctor" Alchemy - Nemesis: The Flash

    9. "Doctor" Death - Nemesis: Batman

    10. "Doctor" Destiny - Nemesis: Justice League

    11. "Doctor" Impossible - Nemesis: Justice League


    Legitimate Doctorates!

    Doctor Octopus - Nemesis: Spider-Man

    Doctor Phosphorus - Nemesis: Batman