11 Comic Villains Masquerading As Doctors

Blowing the lid off this bogus docorate cover-up. Marvel and DC, please respond.

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In the comic book world, much like in the real one, having "Doctor" in front of your name garners respect. But is it earned? Somewhere out there, a super-villain diploma mill is making a killing.

Let's look at the worst offenders.

1. "Doctor" Doom - Nemesis: Fantastic Four

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Victor von Doom was expelled from University after causing a massive explosion. He doesn't even have his Bachelor degree. While Doom may claim to have received his Ph.D. from the Latverian university, it is null and void since you can't just give yourself doctorates.

2. "Doctor" Spectro - Nemesis: Justice League

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Spectro was a fake supervillain created to cover up the exploits of the Captain Atom project. Of course, things went off script when Tom Emery decided to REALLY be a bad guy. Fake or real, Emery doesn't have a doctorate.

3. "Doctor" Sun - Nemesis: Fantastic Four

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Sun is an alien robot with an organic brain. Any Ph.D. acquired on on other worlds is not viable for peer review on Earth due to LACK OF PEERS.

5. "Doctor" Polaris - Nemesis: Justice League

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John Nichol is a businessman who skated through college and lied on his resume to climb the ranks. While ruthless, that doesn't make him (or his predecessor Neal Emerson) qualified to practice medicine.

7. "Doctor" Psycho - Nemesis: Wonder Woman

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If being a murderous psychopath with an intense hatred of women was enough to qualify for a Ph.D., there'd be a lot more doctors in the world. Edgar Cizko didn't even graduate college what with being falsely imprisoned for theft.

8. "Doctor" Alchemy - Nemesis: The Flash

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Albert Desmond is a schizophrenic criminal who dabbles in the occult. While that makes for an interesting SUBJECT for a doctor to study, it doesn't make the subject of study a doctor.


Legitimate Doctorates!

Doctor Octopus - Nemesis: Spider-Man

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Otto Octavius graduated college with with a degree in Physical Science and went on to be a respected nuclear physicist. Octavius was the youngest person to serve on the National Board of Nuclear Science.