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    • DJMoisti

      It’s because Miley did a complete 180 in front of the whole world. She went from a talented, humble, young woman to the atrocity you see before you today. It doesn’t feel authentic and it’s embarrassing to watch. Madonna and Lady Gaga had the same image and brand from day one. Those women are who they are and they never compromise. Miley comes off like a neglected little girl trying too hard to get more attention, only it’s the wrong kind of attention.
      Madonna and Lady Gaga approached their sensuality in a strong, feminine, appealing kind of way. Miley does it in a way that translates as a filthy, porno actress, not in an artsy way. It grosses people out; even people that wouldn’t normally think twice about this sort of thing. Especially, since she pairs the skanky behavior with people dressed like stuffed toys and silly outfits. She’s so pretty until she wags her tongue around.
      The wrecking ball video is great sans the licking of the sledgehammer. It’s raw, real, powerful and sensual. The hammer licking ruined it. She had a dance video before this sudden image transformation and it was fantastic. She needs to just take a couple steps back.

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