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Butter Boobs

Here's a classic... I remember the summer I discovered this. My mom wondered for months where her butter boxes were disappearing to? [Ed. note: LOL.] (Via Anomalies Unlimited.)

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  • 1.

    Get yourself a box of Land O' Lakes butter and cut off a panel.

  • 2.

    With a razor, cut the sides and bottom of the box the Maiden holds, so it makes a flap that will swing up.

  • 3.

    Further cut the bottom of the box so the edge is just below her knees.

  • 4.

    Then carefully fold the bottom up once, so the knees are at the bottom of the "window", then fold it up once more so the knees are in the window.

  • 5.

    Then ask someone if they've ever seen the breasts on the Land O' Lakes butter Maiden. They will look at you like you've lost your mind.

  • 6.

    Hand them the card and tell them to open the window...