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22 Times Stephen Colbert Was The Perfect Man

God Bless America.

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1. When he made perhaps the ballsiest speech in human history.

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Remember when Colbert totally roasted Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondent's Dinner? All you need to do is look at the strained smiles and uncomfortable laughs of the audience to see it took cajones the size of Texas.


9. When he coached John Kerry before his show out of character and showed just how personable he is.

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"You've seen the show right? So you know I'm an idiot," he says grinning. It's really a tribute to him that we still don't really know his political allegiances because he's so cordial to the people he lampoons.

11. When, in the same Oprah interview, he and his wife made you realize he might actually be the best husband imaginable.

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Watch it here. Highlights include his wife always knowing when he comes into the house in character and an anecdote she tells about him playing trombone romantically outside her door.


13. When he and Steve Carell sang the National Anthem in harmony and it was beautiful.

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Or when they sang "Everybody's Talking About Sully" at the Night of Too Many Stars in 2010.

14. Every time he, Steve Carell, and Jon Stewart express their total love for each other.

Even though they're technically competitors, the three of them have always been genuinely ecstatic for one another when they progress in their respective careers, which is pretty damn heartwarming.


19. When Daft Punk cancelled last minute and he hastily put together this epic, star-studded music video.

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The really impressive thing here is that so many major celebrities were willing to take part it in because he's such a righteous dude.

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