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16 Scientific Reasons Love Is Bad For You

Love is a sexually transmitted disease you're better off without.

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1. The obsessive thinking.

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Studies show that people in love and people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder both have low levels of serotonin, which is what accounts for the "intrusive thoughts" that imprison you in an impenetrable cycle of thinking about your partner.


6. The horrible addiction.

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As the chemical mix grows stronger, our infatuation deepens and turns into outright addiction. In fact, fMRI scans have indicated that the brain of someone in love looks very similar to the brain of a coke addict.

7. The soul-destroying withdrawal.

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And since romantic love is an addiction, the stages of being dumped are similar to getting off crack: tolerance ("I'm fine as long as I can see you once in a while"), withdrawal ("Waaah! I can't live with you!"), and relapse ("Let's just have sex once more for old time's sake").


13. The bad surprises.

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Even while in the infatuation stage, it's possible to have a first kiss with a hottie and feel like you're drinking chloride. That's because when you make out, your body collects genetic information from each other's saliva to see if you're a good genetic match, and if you're not it lets you know pretty forcefully.

15. The mind manipulation.

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Studies on the caudate nucleus has led some psychologists to declare that love isn't an emotion but rather a way in which our brain manipulates us into having sex and repopulating the earth. It's all a mass conspiracy. BY OUR OWN MINDS.

16. The inevitable doom.

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Studies have shown that while feelings of attachment and intimacy are often long-lasting, romantic love and passion inevitably wane over time. So if you're not in love, you've got all the good bits to look forward to!

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