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What's Your Taxi Horror Story?

Sometimes you wish you just took the bus.

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Taking a cab is, most of the time, a very convenient means of transportation.

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It's a godsend for people without cars or who just don't want to be bothered with driving.

And if you're lucky, it can be a very pleasant experience.

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When your driver greets you with a "Hello," you know it's gonna be a good day.

But there comes a time when your ride doesn't turn out how you originally thought it would.

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It can be something as small as the driver being dead silent during the whole ride, which makes shit super awkward.

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And that's it?

Or it can be something more on the annoying side, like them getting completely lost.

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Which inevitably pisses you off to no end.

And what if your driver is, like, creepy to the point where you want to just jump out of the car???

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Or maybe you called a taxi ahead of time, but the driver just never picked you up.

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I mean, it's not like you don't have somewhere to be or anything.

We've all had that one terrible experience, so tell us your taxi horror story in the comments below!

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