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17 Things You Should Never Say To An Anxious Driver

"Do you see that person standing right there?"

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1. "Sooo, how long have you had your license for?"

Comedy Central / Via

Oh, is my profuse sweating a dead give away that I'm scared as shit right now?

2. "Whoops! Forgot to buckle."

Who forgets to protect themselves from potential death??

3. "I knew I should've driven with someone else."

Fox / Via

This is probably the most nervous I've ever been.

4. "Why are you gripping the wheel so tight?"

ABC / Via

Because our lives are at stake, TBH.

5. "Who the hell gave you a license?"

The CW

If you haven't noticed, you're doing more harm than good.

6. "Could you drive any slower?"

Alcon Entertainment / Via

I'm just ensuring our safety and don't want us ending up on the 5 o'clock news.

7. "You should really just take the highway."

The CW / Via

I actually don't think I can handle all that right now.

8. "Do you see that person standing right there?"

NBC / Via

Yes?? No??

9. "Could you, like, get in the fast lane?"

AMC / Via

Um, no. The slow lane is MY SPOT.

10. "You should probably get gas sometime soon."

E! / Via

OMG what if we get stranded???

11. When trying to park: "OK, let me get out and direct you."

E! / Via

Hmm... that's kind of unnecessary. But then again, yeah can you??

12. "Do you even know how to parallel park?"

The CW

What happened?? Did I scrape my car?? Did I scrape someone else's car???

13. "Watch out for that truck!"

GREAT, now all I can think about is getting us into a Final Destination-esque accident.

14. "What are you trying to do, KILL US ALL??"


Well if you feel so strongly about my horrible driving skills why won't you drive???

15. "Look out for your blind spots!"

ABC / Via

What, am I about to hit someone?!?

16. "You can take a right on red so why are you still sitting here??"

The CW / Via

Do you not see how many cars are around me???


Universal Pictures / Via


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