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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014

    22 Things That Happen When You're The Only Sister Among Older Brothers

    There's more to it than just getting special treatment from your parents.

    1. Growing up, your brothers sometimes treated you just like "one of the boys."

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    This often included "play fighting" with each other, which actually wasn't any fun at all.

    2. They tease any guy you're remotely interested in or dating.

    It's just their way of expressing that they're happy for you... right?

    3. You ask them for advice about guys because you know they'll be completely honest with you.

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    After all, they're a dude and really only have your best interest at heart.

    4. On the flip side, your brothers come to you if they ever have any relationship questions.

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    You know you always gotta help out the homies.

    5. They get personally offended and turn into your dad if you show any kind of skin when you go out.

    New Line Cinema

    "Wait, you're wearing THAT???"

    6. Whenever you go out with them to a bar or club, they stave off all the creeps for you.

    When they're there, you never have to worry about being approached or groped by complete weirdos, and you fucking love it.

    7. But when you actually hit it off with a cutie, you're sure to keep everything PG just in case they're on the lookout.

    Disney Channel

    *Aggressively resisting the urge to "accidentally" touch cutie's biceps*

    8. You always feel weird when your girlfriends say they're hot.

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    Ignoring you for eternity now k bye.

    9. 'Til this day, they do everything in their power to try to annoy you.

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    And tbh, they're pretty damn good at it.

    10. They put you on to really good music when you were young, which automatically gave you extra cool points with your peers.

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    11. You've adopted some of their "masculine" tendencies.

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    And you usually do them without even realizing.

    12. On numerous occasions, people have straight up asked if you're a couple.

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    Day: RUINED.

    13. Or, even worse, someone has insisted that you're a cute couple.


    Brb, I can feel all the food I ate today making its way up my throat.

    14. They ask you for fashion advice and a lot of the times won't buy something if you say it doesn't look good.


    You've even gotten used to them live texting you while they're shopping.

    15. When you were younger, you often wished that you had a sister so you could talk about "girl stuff."

    The CW

    Your brothers just didn't understand your emotions, and usually blamed your sensitivity on "your time of the month." Thanks, guys.

    16. When you were kids, they would hate on you because you usually got asked to do the least strenuous chores.

    Yeah, you go shovel that snow in this 10-degree weather while I stay ~fabulous~ washing dishes in all this cozy warmth.

    17. You had crushes on MANY of your brothers' friends.

    Walt Disney Productions

    Whenever they came over, you did your best to impress them with your music collection and what you thought was your sense of humor.

    18. You still get special treatment from your parents because you're the only girl.


    And with good reason. I mean, YOU'RE EFFING AMAZING.

    19. They are always 100% honest with you when it comes to your personality traits.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    No need to remind me of how awkward I am because I already know, OK?

    20. If you're fighting with your girlfriends, their usually the first ones to tell you how idiotic you're being.

    And honestly, if it weren't for them, you probably would've screwed up some really good friendships.

    21. You have pretty thick skin now because of how much they made fun of you growing up.

    Bring it on, LIFE.

    22. Sometimes, you get super annoyed with how overprotective they can be...

    ABC / Via

    Like, can I live, bros?

    ... but you know that they do it out of love, and you wouldn't have it any other way.


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