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    Posted on Oct 29, 2014

    19 Struggles Everyone Trying To Eat Healthy Understands

    Passing by the snack aisle is the hardest thing you've ever had to do.

    1. Your fancy juicer is currently collecting dust in your cupboard.

    You thought buying one would inspire you to eat healthier, but then your laziness took over.

    2. There's still that one unhealthy food you can't resist...

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    And tbh, it's probably pizza.

    3. Consistently posting your healthy dishes on Instagram is a commitment you just weren't ready for.

    4. You've spent countless hours on the internet doing research on the benefits of kale.

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    And spinach, and asparagus, and broccoli.

    5. In the beginning, you cook the blandest food ever.

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    I mean, the nutrients are all that matter, right?

    6. For "cheat" days, you REALLY go all out.

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    7. You go through a period of having your "cheat" days outnumber your healthy ones.

    8. You have a diary to keep track of your progress, but you rarely write in it.

    9. If anyone places a box of Oreos in front of you, it's all over.

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    After all, you're still trying to develop some type of willpower.

    10. Making healthy lunches for work is a serious project that takes more effort than you're sometimes willing to put in.

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    11. People always seem desperate to tempt you out of your ~healthy new lifestyle~.

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    And the temptation is oh so real.

    12. You get a little overzealous when grocery shopping.

    When you're feeling really ambitious, no one can stop you from buying 10 bundles of asparagus. NO ONE.

    13. Bypassing the junk food at the grocery store is by far one of the biggest challenges you've had to face. Ever.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    14. When you tell some friends and family that you're starting to eat healthy, their reaction is less than satisfactory.

    They find it hard to believe that you could ever give up your love for chili cheese fries.

    15. A little piece of you dies whenever you're eating carrots instead of candy for a mid-day snack.

    16. Buying organic food has hurt your bank account in a major way.

    NBC / Via

    OK sure it's the right thing to do but like... $5 for ONE avocado?!

    17. Lowering your alcohol consumption has been nearly impossible.

    18. You have more fruits and veggies in your fridge that are going bad than you'd like to admit.

    Buying a lot motivates you to eat healthier, but also pressures you to cook all that shit before it rots.

    19. You have to constantly stop yourself from abandoning this new healthy journey.

    Comedy Central / Via

    But honestly, it's worth it because you already feel and look better.

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