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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    19 Reasons Matt Kemp Should Be The Only Man You Think About

    Well, for starters, because he's Matt Kemp.

    1. Because even when he's dancing like a granddad, he's hot.

    2. Because he makes you want to be inanimate objects basically all the time. Case in point: these cups.


    3. Because even when he's filthy on the field, he's still irresistible.

    Harry How / Getty Images

    I've never wanted someone so dirty in my entire life.

    4. Because his beard game is ON. FLEEK.

    And so is his eyes game, tbh.

    5. Because when he runs, he turns into a mythologic Greek god that you want to save you from all of life's struggles.

    Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty Images


    6. Because even though he's busy being the flyest baseball player in history, he still manages to make time for his loved ones.

    7. Because when he's happy, you can't help but be happy yourself.

    Christian Petersen / Getty Images

    His joy is contagious.

    8. Because when he's not on the field, he's a killer model who gives Tyson Beckford a run for his money.

    9. Because you still find him sexy even when he wears an earring like this:

    10. Because the way his triceps flex when he grips the bat is the ONLY reason why you can endure a three hour game.

    Christian Petersen / Getty Images

    Among his other lovely body parts.

    11. Because when he smiles your heart literally skips a beat, or just stops beating altogether.

    Can't ~even~ right now, or ever, really.

    12. Because during his downtime he looks like a damn Details magazine ad come to life.

    Justin K. Aller / Getty Images

    Whatever you're sellin', I'm buyin'.

    13. Because he's a mama's boy in the cutest way possible.

    14. Because his "ugly" face is actually his sexy face.

    Is he angry? Hyped? Ready to fight? We don't know or care because he's just so fine.

    15. Because when he wears glasses, you find it extremely difficult to carry on with daily activities.

    16. Because he genuinely cares about the ~youths~ and making a major difference in their lives.

    17. Because seeing him hold a baby is the greatest thing you've ever seen a man do. Ever.

    18. Because he can wear a fedora without looking like he did it on purpose.

    19. Because even when he's next to the most influential people of the world, all you see is him.

    Ohhhh, Mr. Kemp. How thankful we are for your existence.

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