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How To Spend Valentine's Day With Netflix

Because, regardless of your love life, this is the only stable relationship you have. Accept it.

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When Harry Met Sally / Via Columbia Pictures

Relationship status: Friend-zoned.

Ah, the age-old question: can straight men and women ever be "just friends"? This movie's great for anyone who has either been stuck in the friend zone or has recently started thinking of an old friend as something more. In fact, this movie is the perfect excuse to plant the seed of change in that certain friend's head. Watch it with them and who knows? LOVE-CEPTION.

The First Wives Club / Via Paramount Pictures

Relationship status: I'm Glad It's Over, I Never Wanna See that Ugly, Humorless, Asshole Ever Again.

I've got three words for you: Bette. Diane. Goldie. If there was any trio I'd want to help me get over my lame-o ex, it'd be these ladies. Equal parts loyal gal-pals, giddy alcoholics, and supremely pissed-off, these dames are a hilarious embodiment of off-kilter '90s feminism and are not to be trifled with. Speaking of the 90's, SJP and Elizabeth Berkley play a couple of the younger women who steal the sleazy ex-husbands. Sold yet?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Via Focus Feature

Relationship status: It's Over and I'm Ready to be Mature About It.

We all have a moment or two we'd like to erase, but an entire relationship, a whole stage of your life? It may sound drastic, but remember seventh grade? Yeesh. What makes this movie work is not only the awesome performances, but that it manages to present two wildly different perspectives of one relationship honestly and fairly, inspiring you to do the same with the people in your life. In the end, we are who we are not only because of our experiences, but what we learn from them.


Fatal Attraction / Via Paramount Pictures

Relationship status: It's Over and That's Good, He/She Was Actually Not a Good Person.

Phew! You really dodged a bullet there. You probably should have bailed when your ex first condescendingly undermined your knowledge of Doctor Who. Or when they callously left all the dishes piled up in the sink for four days straight. Sure signs of a psychopath, and you're better off now.

Like Crazy / Via Paramount Vantage

Relationship status: Looooong-Distance.

This one will really make you ponder just how far you're willing to go for love (pun intended). When the usual obstacles start to pile on--school, job, parents, immigration authorities, Jennifer Lawrence--it becomes easy to drift apart. Like any relationship, it's hard to tell when to be practical and when to just follow your heart, but it's even harder to do so over Skype.

10 Things I Hate About You / Via Buena Vista Pictures

Relationship status: Single and Unwilling to Mingle.

Not too big on people, let alone romance? That's totally cool, 'cause people are the worst. Especially the people who are inexplicably always placing hurtful bets. But don't give up on the human race just yet, because one day your equal will rise above the swarm of mediocrity to play around in paint with you and buy you a guitar (and maybe one day, a tambourine) for all your angsty fem rock. Here's hoping s/he's half as charming as the dearly departed Heath, amirite?

The Princess and The Frog / Via Walt Disney Pictures

Relationship status: Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Who the hell has time for a relationship?! You're busy accomplishing your dreams. You're gonna be somebody! Hey, I love the ambition, don't give up. But don't shy away from sharing some of your discipline and maturity with someone who needs it. I'm not saying to let them stall your dreams, but maybe you could help each other along your paths to greatness. With a phenomenal soundtrack and someone who believes in you, nothing can stop you.

Dirty Dancing / Via Vestron Pictures

Relationship status: Honeymoon Stage.

Awwwyeaaaah. You two are just getting to know each other and everything is new. There's a lot of stolen glances and ostentatious gyrating, and you're lovin' every minute. You're getting sweaty just thinking about watching this movie together. So hot. So steamy.

Love & Basketball / Via New Line Cinema

Relationship status: STOP FIGHTING IT (And Each Other).

Look, everyone called this when you were 11 years old/freshmen/started working together, but you're both too damn stubborn to take the vulnerable leap into a relationship. Don't give me that "our friendship is too good to ruin" line, or the "we're too much alike" nonsense.

The Before Sunset trilogy. / Via Warner Independent Pictures

Relationship status: The Real Deal.

Mazel tov, kids; you've done it. Not only have you found someone who understands, respects, and supports you, but you've worked hard to return those feelings and to maintain that spark that drew you to one another. I bet you've even got a great how-we-met story, too. Cuddle up with your better half for this romantic trilogy that explores one couple's honest, dynamic relationship across almost 20 years. I bet over the course of all three you'll identify with both characters regardless of age or gender, which is what makes this story great.

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