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    23 Moments Between Janine And Gregory From "Abbott Elementary" That Already Have Everyone Shipping Them

    Granine forever.

    Abbott Elementary fans will know that one of the most attention-grabbing parts of the series is the dynamic between characters Janine and Gregory, who are played by Quinta Brunson and Tyler James Williams.

    However, Janine broke up with her boyfriend, Tariq, in the Season 1 finale, and a second season of Abbott Elementary has been confirmed. This raises the question, "Where will their love story go in the future?"

    While we wait for the stars to align so ~Granine~ can become official, here are 23 moments that have made us all root for their potential relationship.

    1. When they met under kind of gross circumstances, but Gregory was still left with a positive impression of Janine.

    Janine and Gregory meet as they're helping students clean up after they've had accidents

    2. When Gregory expressed his admiration toward Janine's passion for her work.

    Gregory compliments Janine on how she took the initiative to find new rugs for her students

    And he gave her this look:

    Janine and Gregory walk down the hallway together to deliver some rugs

    3. When Janine told Gregory she hoped his stay at Abbott Elementary would continue.

    Janine says she'd like Gregory to continue teaching at Abbott Elementary "for the kids"

    4. When Gregory couldn't help admiring Janine from afar.

    Gregory stares at Janine as she tidies up her classroom

    5. When Gregory swooped in to assist Janine with stepping down from a tall ladder safely.

    Gregory helps Janine get down from a ladder

    6. When Janine overworked herself and Gregory's worry was visible.

    Gregory steps in to see if Janine is okay when she feels woozy

    7. When Gregory had his eyes set on what he wants.

    Gregory stares at Janine when he's confronted about going after what he wants

    8. When they could joke around together too.

    Gregory invites Janine to get some food with him, and she accepts the offer

    9. When Gregory offered a helping hand.

    Gregory straightens a framed photo on Janine's classroom wall

    Which got this reaction from Janine:

    Janine is impressed by Gregory straightening a framed photo in her classroom so she doesn't have to do it later

    10. When Janine woke Gregory up to the impact he has on his students.

    Janine expresses how much Gregory's students enjoy having him as a teacher

    11. And when Gregory used the drawings his students made to decorate his classroom after Janine encouraged him.

    Janine is happy to see how Gregory is starting to get into his teaching role at Abbott Elementary

    12. When the idea of hanging out with Gregory after school lit Janine up.

    Gregory asks Janine to meet after school to go over the latest Abbott Elementary reading program

    13. When Gregory discounted a poor teaching review Janine received online.

    Gregory tells Janine that one negative online review doesn't mean she's not a great educator

    14. When Gregory explained to Janine that there are many ways to be intelligent.

    Gregory teaches Janine that each person possesses a unique type of intelligence

    15. When Janine told Gregory how gifted he is.

    Janine kindly makes it known to Gregory that he's a gifted person

    16. When Janine ran out of school on a rainy day after fellow teachers were making fun of her, and Gregory chased after her with an umbrella.

    Gregory chases after Janine in the rain and asks if she's okay

    17. And he spoke wise words to her about doing what's best for yourself.

    Gregory advises Janine to not care about what others think

    18. When Gregory asked Janine the million-dollar question.

    Gregory asks Janine if she is happy in her relationship with Tariq

    19. When Gregory, a person who does not care for pizza at all, changed his tune for Janine.

    Gregory accepts the offer to get pizza with Janine

    20. When Gregory admitted to helping Ava because Janine asked him to do it.

    Gregory explains that one reason he said yes to helping Ava is because Janine asked him to do it

    21. When Janine was stoked about Gregory becoming a full-time teacher at Abbott Elementary.

    Gregory thanking Janine for helping him realize that Abbott is a special place

    22. And it led to this exchange of longing stares between them.

    Gregory and Janine stare at each other during a school field trip

    23. And, lastly, when Gregory's decision to stay at Abbott was made easy because of Janine.

    Gregory and Janine exchange smiles on the school bus

    Season 2, we're ready for you — please let this romance materialize!