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    "Abbott Elementary" Has Won The Internet With Its Comedy And Social Commentary

    Absolutely absorbing, Abbott Elementary.

    Abbott Elementary is an amazing sitcom on ABC that follows a group of teachers at an underfunded Philadelphia public school who have to make do with limited and broken resources to do their jobs. Also making matters difficult is their tone-deaf and self-absorbed principal, who brings lots of humor to the show.

    A female teacher saying something

    1. After many years, we are seeing a network comedy that's giving streaming comedies a run for their money. And there's a BuzzFeed connection too.

    Abbott Elementary is the rare network comedy that makes me repeatedly laugh out loud each ep — brilliant writing, spot-on casting. Love to see an ex-BuzzFeeder succeed; creator/star Quinta Brunson is a genius only getting started 4 eps on Hulu & it airs Tues on ABC. WATCH IT!

    Twitter: @JarettSays / ABC

    2. I was surprsied to learn that this is not on Netflix or HBO but ABC.

    i think it says something for abbott elementary to be attracting a crowd of people that don't regularly watch network sitcoms

    Twitter: @ItsZaeOk

    3. Trust me, many people experienced the same.

    Twitter: @___ThePrince

    4. No swearing or raunchy jokes. Just plain old comedy.

    abbott elementary really got the best subtle comedy bc this had me screaming 😭

    Twitter: @userctrI

    5. Janelle James is like the sweet core that one enjoys when they bite into this comedic confection.

    Twitter: @youwereoffbeat

    6. She has clearly emerged as a favorite of the show.

    I love her. #AbbottElementary

    Twitter: @vikmoana

    7. Gregory is hilarious even when he is being serious.

    The way he deadpans into the camera everytime Ava does or say some shit...😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣#AbbottElementary

    Twitter: @Shar16Fran


    #AbbottElementary "Hey enjoy the bed." "We will." Gregory:

    Twitter: @Hous_Ya_Daddy

    9. Are they gonna be the new Jim and Pam?

    This was the most awkward interaction ever😭😭 #AbbottElementary

    Twitter: @StonaveIi

    10. It seems many people are hoping for that as well.

    i hope abbott elementary goes on long enough for them to become the next jim and pam. so i need everyone to watch it!!

    Twitter: @khshwn / ABC, Chris Haston / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

    11. This kid has singlehandedly dethroned all the adult actors of this show.

    Reason #100000 why you should be watching #AbbottElementary 😂😂

    Twitter: @herroyalcourtt

    12. Hoping to see more of him.

    He was so precious 🥺 and so funny 😀 #AbbottElementary

    Twitter: @jelevision

    13. Comedy with profundity.

    “You can’t teach the kids right if you can’t respect where they’re from” #AbbottElementary

    Twitter: @TristenJWinger

    14. Barbara about herself.

    Twitter: @MyRandomThinks

    15. The Barbara/Janine dynamic is like freshly mowed grass: short, stiff, but smells sweet.

    this how janine gon be when barbara asks for her help 😭😭 #AbbottElementary

    Twitter: @esthhre

    16. This moment was too relatable.

    Twitter: @katrina3511

    17. Makes two of us.

    The SCREAM I let out. I love #AbbottElementary

    Twitter: @MediumSizeMeech

    18. People are giving their own takes on the show:

    If I was a teacher at #AbbottElementary 🍎😂

    Twitter: @TheBaddestMitch

    19. Highlighting a social problem without being preachy.

    #AbbottElementary subtly acknowledging the school to prison pipeline

    Twitter: @MisterNickel

    20. Shows how much thought went into making this show.

    I love how last night’s #AbbottElementary looked into WHY a child was acting out and not just HOW the child was acting out. As funny as it was, it was a reminder that kids need adults to do that more often. @quintabrunson is out here doing God’s work.

    Twitter: @angiecthomas

    21. Not surprised that it's a ratings hit too.

    Also I wouldn't worry about Abbott Elementary's renewal chances, it's been ranking 3rd in ratings on ABC, we're secured 😌🥂🥂

    Twitter: @kingbealestreet

    22. ROFL!!

    Courtney showing up in Janine’s class like… #AbbottElementary

    Twitter: @_MissLeandra

    23. Can't agree strongly enough. Big win for talent, diversity, and comedy.

    the success of abbott elementary is what happens when you move beyond the bind of nostalgic reboots and allow fresh black creators to just....create. we need more!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @cosmicblackgirl

    24. I stan her.

    #AbbottElementary the other better more threatening teacher at abbott

    Twitter: @macsrats

    What's your favorite part about Abbott Elementary?

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