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The Real Life Hunger Games

Many of us know the plight of paying our bills down to the penny and we have mastered the skill of finding ways to eat....... These are suggestions for when payday is but a day away and your funds are almost non-existent

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10. Cereal

Truth is cereal isn't cheap but when you are broke there's nothing better than a meal that is fast to prepare and tastes like dessert! And if in the unfortunate turn of circumstances you don't not have milk..... JUST ADD WATER!!!

9. Noodles

They come in a wide array of flavors. Available in bowls, cups, and packages. If you get really fancy you can mix frozen veggies in it and turn it into a pasta dish. But for the most part, JUST ADD WATER!

8. Frozen Pizza

Personally, I live for those Red Barron pizzas. Only thing is you may not be able to microwave these, to your liking. You will need a toaster oven. Toaster ovens are the best friend of the broke and hungry.

7. Frozen Meals

You've probably been eating frozen meals since the last payday. However, if you're the type that splurges in between you are completely relieved the day before payday when you suddenly remember you still have one remaining from the 10 for $10 promotion the local grocer had last month.

4. The Protein Bar

Yes I know that these can serve as legitimate meal replacements. I'm sure you're never really full after having one, you're simply just tired of tasting it. However, if you need to feel fuller....drink a glass of water.

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