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"Bout It" Bridesmaids

I'll be a bridesmaid for the 6th time in a few weeks. Here's what us veterans of this sacred pact would like to share with the beloved brides about this insane commitment.

denised40 3 years ago

Intimate Rejection

I've seen men furious when a person who they've had no relations with rejects their advances and they swear off love completely. Yet in some far off land women are rejected after exposing their most intimate thoughts and spaces and we seem to keep trying. Maybe we're just wired differently.

denised40 4 years ago

The Curse Of Loving Passively

Some people think passive people are weak and afraid, the truth is some times we just hope you come to your muthaf$%&ing senses. Like what grade are we in.

denised40 4 years ago

To Group Dine Or Not To Group Dine.......

There are times when you go out to eat with your friends and although all you ordered was a side salad, everyone, including you, is asked to pay $90 each. Here are options on what to do the next time that happens to you.

denised40 4 years ago

Things Slim People Are Tired Of Hearing

Yea so, if I said the equivalent/opposite, of any of the following statements/assumptions, to a fat person I'd be wrong....

denised40 5 years ago

The Real Life Hunger Games

Many of us know the plight of paying our bills down to the penny and we have mastered the skill of finding ways to eat....... These are suggestions for when payday is but a day away and your funds are almost non-existent

denised40 5 years ago


So you know the single life is complicated. You meet people and at times one may monopolize your attention causing you to abandon potential prospects. What happens when that fades and you are looking at your prospects again???? Don't let this be you fellas.

denised40 5 years ago

Rainy Days In NYC

Some of us love the rain while others hate it, but where we all agree is there are just some things that we can expect on a rainy day.

denised40 5 years ago

5 Things That Anyone Who Has Ever Loved A Musician/Artist Knows

Musicians/Artists/Creative types are a different type of species. Although we love them, we sure wish we didn't have to learn some of this the hard way. #Love #Musicians #Artists #Creative #Live #Life #Lifestyle

denised40 5 years ago

Ten Lessons From Maya Angelou

We've lost a master storyteller, a passionate soul, and an advocate for all that is good. Hail, we salute you Dr. Maya Angelou

denised40 5 years ago

“Gimme your lunch money!!”

Have we become a bully culture?

denised40 5 years ago

My Favorite People On Social Media

Social media has become playground for passive aggression and new creative ways to hate complete strangers. HOW FUN!!!!

denised40 5 years ago

Which Sean Combs Are You?

Most of us grow but few of us get to reinvent ourselves more than once. Sean Combs on the other hand is a master metamorph. Where do you fit in on his evolutionary timeline?

denised40 5 years ago

Who's Who In Online Dating

So I've done the online dating thing and I've discovered a few things about the online dating community; some funny, some scary, some sad but all true!!

denised40 5 years ago