Ten Lessons From Maya Angelou

We’ve lost a master storyteller, a passionate soul, and an advocate for all that is good. Hail, we salute you Dr. Maya Angelou

10. Love In Spite of

Many of us have loved and lost……then loved again after thinking we never would.

9. You Own Your Identity

You have the right to decide who you want to be and to own the responsibility of becoming that/those things

8. Love yourself

How can you have love to give if you haven’t given yourself love first??

7. Have hope

If you are still breathing there’s still some fight left in you. Persevere!

6. Be passionate about your passions

Your dedication will bring you rewards of all types. Being loyal to yourself and passions will only cultivate loyalty from others and will draw like minds that share your vision and respect your mission.

5. Tolerance

We often fear and mock that which we don’t know or understand.

4. Life Is a Cycle

Reciprocate and pay it forward.

3. Be Courageous

It takes courage to care and courage to act….. Be brave!

2. Grow Vigorously

It’s good to be alive but the person who thrives has goals and passions. Be driven, be dedicated, be focused, grow and THRIVE!

1. Use Your Common Sense

Wisdom comes from the application of knowledge acquired by the use of all of our senses. Hence, using your common sense is wisdom.

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