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My Favorite People On Social Media

Social media has become playground for passive aggression and new creative ways to hate complete strangers. HOW FUN!!!!

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The disgusted feed

Every time they post it's about how they are single, broke, lonely, left handed, hungry, skinny, and the only remotely positive thing they share is how they agree with a critic about how BAD something was. SHADDAP!

The "I'm dumping you as a friend and I'm going to tell everyone except you!"

Yea so, I know you know that person that's always saying "No new friends", "No Frienemies", "No phonies", "Sometimes friends are the only family you need"....... Yea, we get it. Someone owes you an apology.....

Contrary, for the sake of being contrary

Now, I agree everyone is entitled their opinion. Yet, there are those remarkable human beings that insist on disagreeing solely for the attention. We all said the sky is blue, you say its turquoise. Honey, we see you but trust me no one is listening.

The Quoter

So while the prior gets kicks from forcing us to look at them this one never shares an original thought, in hopes that we'll notice them. They retweet, re-gram, and share articles all day. Hey, I'm not mad. That a great way for us to know you're still alive. Even if you're deep…..all day…..everyday.

The Comedians

These people have the timelines you go to for your daily pick me ups. Loaded with jokes, videos, gifs and silly anecdotes. Man we love you guys. Thank you for keeping us laughing and willing us to continue to be sociable.

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