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So you know the single life is complicated. You meet people and at times one may monopolize your attention causing you to abandon potential prospects. What happens when that fades and you are looking at your prospects again???? Don't let this be you fellas.

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So I may have possibly had the stupidest conversation via text last night. A fella that I had given my number to at least 6 months ago texts me "Hey!". When I saw it I was underground on the subway so i couldn't reply. When I finally resurfaced 30 minutes later the next text comes in. He wrote: "Did I do something to turn you off?"

HOL' UP!!!!

**Tires screeching!!!**

I said "Well I didn't think much about it. You didn't seem too interested, that can be a bit of a turn off, but there are no ill feelings toward you. I do pray you are well."

I get a few moments of silence as I'm headed to my car.

This is when his struggle began. He texts me, first mistake WE'RE GROWN he should have picked up the phone, this grown man writes "Well it takes two to tango. You didn't call me either. It goes both ways."

I reply "I haven't seen you since I met you and the one time you ask me out was a same day invite at 8pm. I declined because it was such short notice and suggested we do some thing the next day since I was free all day, but you never got back to me. All of that, I considered to be signs that you were not interested."

At this point I'm eating and driving on the South Conduit inhaling a Big Mac switching lanes going around the exchange that puts me on to Atlantic Avenue. Eating and driving is waaay safer than texting and driving, DONT JUDGE ME!!! Oh and yes, that conversation became a memory for the next hour or so as I had to rehearse…….but I wasn't done. After rehearsal, I drive back and as soon as I put my car into park I take out my phone and class began.

Me: "It takes two to tango you say? It goes both ways? Actually, the ball was in your court and you dropped it. That's what's wrong with relationships nowadays."

Him: "What?"

Me: "Communication, there is none. I showed interest by accepting your interest and giving you my phone number. That was further solidified by my responding to your texts and even further by offering an alternative for the no-notice-given date. Ask yourself what you would tell your daughter about a man that never called? You'd say "He's not interested". What would you tell her about a man that asks her out with no notice at 8pm on a Sunday? "He's not interested." Then ask yourself what you'd tell her if she suggested the next day because it was sufficient notice and the man doesn't even respond? "He's not interested". You did NOT want to see me. If you did, you would have. It's that simple. I gave it no thought, because I'm fine with that. Women should not chase men, it's unnatural."

I told him I had a long day tomorrow (which is today) and to have a good night.

He responds: " Good night. I completely understand."

1 - Don't deflect when you can just own it.

2 - Life got away from you and now you're thinking of him/her.

3 - You wanted to say "hi". So say HI already and that's the great opening for a conversation

4 - Talk to feel them out to see if they still have any interest

5 - Ask them out with some advance notice. It shows you GAF about their time.

6- If they are not interested at least you didn't make an ass of yourself turning an interested person off.

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