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5 Things That Anyone Who Has Ever Loved A Musician/Artist Knows

Musicians/Artists/Creative types are a different type of species. Although we love them, we sure wish we didn't have to learn some of this the hard way. #Love #Musicians #Artists #Creative #Live #Life #Lifestyle

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5. Do not criticize their idols

That meltdown they have when you tell them you don't like their idol's song, haircut, or pet something you may only survive with a hazmat suit. Can someone say Katie Kaboom!!!

4. There's revelation in isolation

Sometimes they just need to be alone. I mean really alone. They may dig a hole in a cave and pitch a tent in it if the cold loneliness of isolation and desolation brings forth a vision. You may miss them a whole lot, but trust me that hole is only big enough for one.

3. ......but when they are up they are UP!!!

There is nothing more exciting or fun than loving a happy fulfilled artist/musician. The stories they tell and the places you'll go will bring smiles to your face for years to come. They know how to live when they are feeling alive!

2. They are quirky.

If you aren't a little weird they may frighten you. Let's say they drop a slice of pizza on a ground cheese side up, they're eating it! They are on a budget you know... Or they may decide they need to clean their bathroom wearing goggles and a helmet. Didn't you know more people die in bathroom accident. Didn't you?

You get the drift. Be prepared for anything, because that moment may be what inspires them.

1. Hanging out = Work

When you are self employed and inspired by life you have to live. So try not be jealous if they seem to always be having fun. Those are their office hours and well, the world is their office.

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