• DElizabeth

      REALLY, BuzzFeed? Someone got their marine biology degree in a Blackfish box…Dorsal colapse is caused by gravity. Tilikum is 23.5 feet long and 12,000 pounds. They do not live in cramped quarters. This “developed psychosis” cannot be transmitted to offspring, it’s not genetically possoble. Seaworld DOESN’T USE CHLORINE. It’s also not “too warm”. The water is SALT water, perfectly cooled and filtered through OZONE for cleanliness. This article is a pathetic, misinformed love letter to Blackfish. Get your shit together and stop preaching this bullshit propaganda.

    • DElizabeth

      I hold 22 years experience in the study of cetaceans both in the wild and in human care. I’m so tired of misinformed, easily brainwashed people saying, “educate yourself” by watching Blackfish or by reading David Kirby’s “Death at Seaworld.” Both of these items are acts of grand scale public manipulation, sensationalism, propaganda and activist hype. These couch activists find themselves to be marine mammal experts after watching this movie. They do not have any experience in the industry and are manifestly unqualified to make outrageous assumptions. OSHA did not initiate the waterwork ban following its investigation. Seaworld pulled trainers from the water across all three parks on February 24, 2010. People with NO industry or field experients make unqualified, uneducated claims that the pools are too small, the animals are not fed and that they are abused. It’s laughable. Sea pens are a death sentence for multiple reasons. These animals are taken care of with the love and respect they deserve, every day. The pools are not small. Tilikum is treated with the respect such a regal animal deserves and is interacted with every day. All animals are fed regardless of performance. The fish is not frozen. It is delivered fresh every day. They are kept on ice in buckets to protect the fish from bacteria and the heat and sun. It is extremely important to educate people, especially children by inspiring them through observation and interaction. Shows sell tickets. A tremendous amount of work and study is obtained from these animals in an aquarium setting. The wild population has increased 13% thanks to metabolic data provided by SeaWorld. Notice how no one is bent out of shape about beluga whales, pilot whales, northern fir seals in aquariums? I bet it’s because no one made an emotionally charged propaganda film about them. How much money went to animal care and conservation from Blackfish tickets, t-shirts, cast parties, house and car rentals and advertising? $0. How many animals has SeaWorld rescued and released? 23,000. How much did seaworld pay out of pocket in the last 3 years in orca areas alone? $70 MILLION. That is outside of the international conservation funds. What’s PETA’s average yearly kill rate? 97%. The truth is in the numbers. Want more numbers and an entire breakdown of Blackfish sited with evidence that it’s utter nonsense? Don’t jump on the angry hippie bandwagon because making ridiculous assumptions helps them sleep at night. Blackfish supporters are selfish and not interested in what’s best for the animals and conservational science. I pity you for being so ignorant and horribly misinformed.

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