The Hot Actor Who Plays Robin Arryn In "Game Of Thrones" Is On Instagram, You Guys

    When he's not busy being Lord of the Vale, it looks like Lino Facioli spends his time on art, aviation, and hanging out on hillsides.

    All right, so if you watched the Game of Thrones finale last night, you know that our boy Robin Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie, showed up at that Electoral College meeting at the end — and, importantly, he had a glow-up!

    So, in the interest of investigative journalism, we looked up the actor who plays Sweetrobin (Lino Facioli) online and found his Instagram, obviously.

    And along the way, we learned a few things about him: for example, Lino is an 18-year-old British-Brazilian actor who enjoys long walks on the beach, probably.

    It appears that he's a total animal lover...

    And he can really rock a good ~bike boy~ aesthetic:

    Plus, he's quite the artist:

    In his free time, he casually flies planes???

    ...and looks very great in an aviator get-up:

    Also, he looks like a pretty decent archer (looks like all that practice from Season 6 paid off!).

    In conclusion: now that there aren't any more Game of Thrones episodes to look forward to...

    We'll just have to keep up with our fave Lord of the Vale on Instagram to cope!

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