10 Pieces From Kevin Love’s Banana Republic Collection That Don’t Require You To Be A Handsome Basketball Man To Pull Off

    The pro basketball player, mental health advocate, and overall very good-looking man debuted his signature clothing line today.

    Okay, so if you keep up with the sports, you already know who Kevin Love is — the five-time NBA All-star who’s played for the Cleveland Cavaliers since 2014.

    (You may have heard of one of his old work friends, LeBron James, once or twice.)

    Anyway, even if you don’t know who Kevin Love is, surely you can appreciate the objective fact that Kevin is not only a pro basketball player, but he is also a full-time handsome man who’s been Banana Republic’s “style ambassador” (model) since 2016.

    And as if it wasn’t hard enough to juggle bball, modeling, being a mental health advocate, guest-starring on The Suite Life On Deck, and otherwise maintaining the platonic ideal of white guy facial hair, Kev’s also been dipping his toes in the design world at the ‘nanner Republic.

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    Enter: BR x Kevin Love, a first signature clothing line, which debuted today.

    Which brings us to the most crucial question in menswear of the season: Can the rest of us, as non-NBA players and non-models, pull this shit off?

    Here are our favorite looks:

    1. This Bad (But Still Overall Wholesome) Boy Leather Biker Jacket

    2. This "I'm Very Good Friends With LeBron" Sweater Polo

    3. The "I'm Nostalgic For College But In A Grown-Up Way" Varsity Jacket

    4. This Hot Inverse Charlie Brown Crew-Neck Sweater

    5. These "I Just Extended My Contract Hashtag Dollar Signs" Landrover Socks

    6. These Kinda Professor-y Corduroy Dress Pants

    7. This "OK But Really I Do Miss College Kinda" Enamel Varsity Jacket Pin

    8. The "Is He Steve Jobs Or Just Sensitive" Cable-Knit Turtleneck Sweater

    9. The Donegal Beanie

    10. These Stretch Wool Track Pants, or: The Fancyman's Alternative To Sweats

    Don't forget: you can browse the entire BR x Kevin Love 2018 collection here, and study up on how to match your handsome turtleneck to your handsome eyes here. You'll be just like Kevin before you know it!