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11 Quizzes About Food And Sex Because It's Valentine's Day, People

Eat, quiz, love!

1. Order Yourself A Serious Breakfast Spread, And We'll Give You A Sex Position To Try

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Will that be a peach bellini or some matcha tea to start you off with?

2. Order A Five-Course Meal, And We'll Tell You What Your Sexual Energy Is Like

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You've got that raunchy sexual energy, don't you?

3. Tell Us Your Dessert Preferences And We'll Tell You How Many Times You'll Have Sex This Week

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Milkshakes and churros are involved in this one, *swoon*.

4. This Cookie Quiz Will Reveal Which Of Your Body Parts People Find Most Attractive

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Is it your butt? It's your butt, isn't it?

5. Take A Trip To Costco, And We'll Tell You How Good You Are In Bed

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Get in b, we're going samples-tasting!

6. Enjoy A Nice French Meal, And We'll Guess How Many People You've Hooked Up With

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~Bon appétit!~

7. Make A Sandwich And We'll Tell You How You Are In Bed

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Think you'll get "Shy in the streets, but a freak in the sheets"?

8. Build A Salad And We'll Tell You How Many People You've Slept With

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Make healthy choices, y'all!

9. Eat And Travel Around The World, And We'll Reveal What Your Best Quality In Bed Is

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Warning: you're going to have to make a very difficult choice between pizza and spaghetti on this one.

10. We Know What Kind Of Sex You Like To Have Based On Your Drink Of Choice

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Listen, are you a white wine person or a red wine person? 'Cause that choice says a lot about you...

11. And finally: Pick 5 Desserts, And We'll Reveal How Many People You'll Have Sex With In This Lifetime

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Because desserts are delicious, babe, and so are you.