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    Here's What The Empire State Building Would Look Like In 9 Totally Different Architectural Styles

    In honor of National New York Day, here's what your Art Deco fave would look like in a parallel universe.

    You know the Empire State Building: that iconic 102-story skyscraper that's basically the poster child for New York City — as well as Art Deco architecture.

    Well, in honor of National New York Day, a group of architects got together and reimagined what it would look like if this famous building had been built in another time — or in a totally different style. And the renderings are pretty amazing:

    1. First, here's what the Empire State Building would look like built in the style of the ancient Roman ~empire~:

    2. Here's a Renaissance-style Empire State Building:

    3. This one's my favorite: a Gothic Empire State Building.

    4. Empire State, but make it Art Nouveau:

    5. This is what the skyscraper would look like in a traditional Japanese style...

    6. ...and here's what a Postmodern Empire State would look like:

    7. If the Empire State Building were built in a Brutalist style, it'd look like this...

    8. ...and here's what a Deconstructivist take on the icon would be:

    9. Finally, what if the Empire State were a feat of sustainable architecture? It'd look something like this:

    Anyway, here's to a very happy National New York Day to all you New Yorkers and New Yorkers at heart!