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    Update: It Turns Out That The Keanu Reeves Interview Where He Said He's Lonely Is Fake

    Reeves' publicist has since announced that the interview referenced in the original version of this post was "fabricated" by

    You know Keanu Reeves: star of the John Wick action franchise, iconic films like Point Break and Speed, and of course, 90% of the reason why we're still obsessed with The Matrix.

    So last week, when this interview with Malaysia's made it seem like Keanu Reeves had admitted he was a "lonely guy," the internet was both freaked out AND concerned.

    But it turns out that interview never happened — apparently, Keanu Reeves' publicist told HuffPost a few days ago that the entire story was "fabricated" and the actor did not give an interview to

    And listen, as someone who fell for this fake interview very hard, I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions...

    But this might actually be good news, because that means Keanu Reeves is probably not lonely?

    ...but just in case he is, I still submit that if Keanu Reeves is looking for a badass action hero partner to get with, Charlize Theron would be an AMAZING candidate:

    Because, lonely or not, John Wick and Furiosa would probably have tons to talk about??

    Anyway: in summary, don't believe everything you read on the internet, kids...

    ...but do believe in the power and goodness that is Keanu Reeves.