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Saoirse Ronan Is 23 And Has Been Nominated For An Oscar Three Times, So Basically She's A Goddess

Nothing but respect for MY lady bird.

This morning, Saoirse Ronan was nominated for an Oscar in the best actress category for her performance in Lady Bird.


The fact that Saoirse is only 23 years old and nominated for an Oscar is cause enough for celebration, but let's take a moment to remember that THIS ISN'T HER FIRST NOMINATION.


That's right — Saoirse has been an Academy Award–nominated actress since she was 13! She was first nominated in 2007 for best supporting actress for her role as young Briony in Atonement.

Focus Features

She received her second nomination in 2016, this time for best actress for her role as Eilis in the movie Brooklyn.

BBC Films

And in between all THREE of her nominations she was busy filming a few movies like Hanna, The Lovely Bones, oh, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

With three nominations already under her belt, Saoirse Ronan may give Meryl Streep and her record-breaking 21 nominations a run for her money one day.


Either way, I can't wait to see if she finally wins her first Oscar this year!

BBC Films

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