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People Are Sharing How To Make And Lose Friends On Twitter And It's Pretty Real

You've got a friend in me.

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1. Making new friends is a delicate science.

@the_NA_way / Via Twitter: @the_NA_way

2. There's a lot of give and take.

@GundyChild / Via Twitter: @GundyChild

3. Some people say flattery goes a long way.

@Chrismelberger / Via Twitter: @chrismelberger

4. Other people appreciate acts of kindness.

@ginapple_ / Via Twitter: @ginapple_

5. Always remember to be courteous.

@rudy_mustang / Via Twitter: @rudy_mustang

6. And to support others when they're in need.

@kenna_taylorr / Via Twitter: @kenna_taylorr

7. Shared interests can definitely help form lasting bonds.

@the_gabstar / Via Twitter: @the_gabstar

8. So can having each other's back.

@currrrran / Via Twitter: @currrrran

9. Never underestimate even the smallest of gestures.

@spencermcnolton / Via Twitter: @spencermcnolton

10. But just as quickly as friends come, they can also go.

@kcroker7 / Via Twitter: @kcroker7

11. Sometimes you just don't really understand each other.

@vogliodelcibo / Via Twitter: @vogliodelcibo

12. And you can't seem to see eye-to-eye on anything.

@Brian_Gibby / Via Twitter: @Brian_Gibby

13. I mean, we all have our annoying habits.

@Josephmorgan96 / Via Twitter: @Josephmorgan96

14. But true friends should be able to look past that.

@zane_webster / Via Twitter: @zane_webster

15. This is why it's important to choose your friends carefully.

@radicalhearts / Via Twitter: @radicalhearts

16. Because you can never be too sure that your friend isn't secretly a monster.

@brokeangel / Via Twitter: @brokeangeI

17. Maybe it's just better to stay on team #NoNewFriends instead.

@1_In_A_Jillian / Via Twitter: @1_In_A_Jillian

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