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    18 Jokes About The FBI Spying On People That Will Make You Laugh Then Feel Super Paranoid

    The FBI agent watching me through my laptop: "Really, another night of eating chicken nuggets and rewatching Vine compilations?"


    I wonder what the FBI agent watching me thru my laptop camera thinks about me whenever I cry over a TV show

    @AlissaS19 / Via Twitter: @AlissaS19


    My boyfriend: *leaves the room* The fbi agent in my webcam: No I totally see what you mean. Me: right? He's weird…

    @joshwillhall / Via Twitter: @joshwillhall


    Me: *scrolling through my ex's Instagram and feeling sorry for myself* The FBI Agent Assigned To Surveil Me: I tal…

    @superdeluxe / Via Twitter: @superdeluxe


    I was about to accept a friend request from my high school bully and my tab closed... Gerald, the fbi agent spying on me, is looking out.

    @SJSchauer / Via Twitter: @SJSchauer


    Me: *opens laptop* FBI Agent: Oh he’s finally gonna do his homework Me: *Opens up Netflix and disappoints yet another person in my life*

    @aleksglz8 / Via Twitter: @aleksglz8


    @VINCHY / Via Twitter: @VlNCHY


    Me flirting with my assigned FBI agent through my phone camera

    @reedlikeabook_ / Via Twitter: @reedlikeabook_


    My FBI agent watching me and my best friend talk shit about someone

    @TartarSauce_ / Via Twitter: @TartarSauce_


    what my assigned FBI agent sees 8 hours a day from my laptop

    @meggyshmurda / Via Twitter: @meggyshmurda


    the FBI agent that monitors me through my laptop watching me try to take a cute selfie

    @ricardojkay / Via Twitter: @ricardojkay


    me: the government agent who watches me through the webcam on my laptop: truth is i seen u in the hallway and we s…

    @brokeangel / Via Twitter: @brokeangeI


    Sometimes before I leave the house I wave to my laptop camera just to brighten the day of the FBI agent. Friendline…

    @colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse


    Me putting on a show for my assigned government agent watching me through my laptop camera:

    @HoodSocialist / Via Twitter: @HoodSocialist


    when the FBI agent monitoring me sends a message asking me to take the tape off my webcam

    @kobychill / Via Twitter: @kobychill


    @shutyourhell / Via Twitter: @shutyourhell


    me, peeling tape off webcam: hey guys whats apoptosis mean? little FBI voice within my computer: programmed cell d…

    @lilyzella / Via Twitter: @lilyzella


    Guys, I just sneezed in front of my laptop's webcam and I kid you not... the FBI Agent said "Bless You". If that isn't goals, idk what is

    @michaelvito / Via Twitter: @michaelvito


    *taking tape off my laptop camera so my assigned fbi agent can see me again* im sorry. i was upset. i shouldnt have…

    @jonnysun / Via Twitter: @jonnysun

    Don't worry, you're probably not being watched by the FBI. But maybe put some tape over your webcam just in case.