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13 Tweets That Prove January Has Been Way Too Freaking Long

How is it still January??

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Greetings, and welcome to the fifth week of January.

@mama_tuna / Via Twitter: @mama_tuna

Anyone else confused about how long this month has been?

How the f*ck is it STILL January....this is the 5th Monday morning I've had to endure this month. Enough already 🙄

@weestroma / Via Twitter: @weestroma

Who decided January could last this long?

3000 years later, we’re still in January 2018

@mashallahsar / Via Twitter: @mashallahsar

Seriously, who allowed this?

This Year Will End While We Still In January

@DonaldHBK / Via Twitter: @DonaldHBK

I feel like I've lived one full year in January alone.

Me after realizing it’s still January.

@RyChavis / Via Twitter: @RyChavis

Every morning I wake up confused and pissed off that it's not February yet.

I woke up today and it’s still January

@______mjp / Via Twitter: @_______mjp

So much was done this month.

@SuperFlyMK / Via Twitter: @SuperFlyMK

I mean, are we sure it's not March yet?


@nicholasmegalis / Via Twitter: @nicholasmegalis

January has lasted 12 months and five weeks.

Next week is still January. Please how many months does this month have


Honestly, there's no way we can still be in 2018.

How is it still January 2018 man? It does feel like it should be September 2025 by now.

@AviRaina / Via Twitter: @AviRaina

Did someone forget to send out a reminder that February was canceled?

it literally feels like January 78th how in the hell is next week STILL January??? what is going on

@Y2SHAF / Via Twitter: @Y2SHAF

Will January ever end?

When you’re ready for the month to be over, but another week of January creeps up

@SimoneMariposa / Via Twitter: @SimoneMariposa

Maybe we should accept our fate. Time doesn't exist anymore. January is forever.

January has so far lasted 3 years. 2017 was a decade ago. Time no longer makes sense. By the time January is over I…

@TeechnicallyRon / Via Twitter: @TechnicallyRon

Mood for the rest of the week:


H/T this Twitter moment.

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