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Holy Shit, These Photos Of Disneyland Look Like They're Freaking Photoshopped

This is honestly pretty terrifying.

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On Monday morning, a wildfire ignited in Anaheim Hills, California, just 45 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images

While Disneyland is safe from the flames, the sky above the park turned an ominous orange on Monday, and the photos are truly something else.

@juniorolivas / Via

Junior Olivas captured this photo while visiting the park and wrote, "The sky was completely orange and you could smell the smoke pretty bad."

@JuniorOlivas / Via

Many described the sky as apocalyptic.

My sister is in Disneyland and just sent me these pictures from the fire. Is the world ending or something? Cause t…

@iheartnate / Via Twitter: @iheartnate

There were some park guests who even reported embers falling from the sky.

@Disneyland looking surreal with #canyonfire2 burning in the distance

@LOldenPhoto / Via Twitter: @AHdoingthings

Others noticed how the castle looked just like Disney's new Halloween Time advertisement.

Eerie skies over @Disneyland looks like the #HalloweenTime advertisement... #canyonfire2 #anaheimhills

@AmandaBusick / Via Twitter: @AmandaBusick

The photos are as striking as they are terrifying.

Dystopian future or #canyonfire2 from @Disneyland #spacemountain

@LOldenPhoto / Via Twitter: @LOldenPhoto

As of last night, the fire has been 40% contained and all evacuation orders have been lifted, but Northern California continues to fight wildfires that have now killed at least 17 people.

Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

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