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Holy Shit, These Photos Of Disneyland Look Like They're Freaking Photoshopped

This is honestly pretty terrifying.

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While Disneyland is safe from the flames, the sky above the park turned an ominous orange on Monday, and the photos are truly something else.

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Many described the sky as apocalyptic.

My sister is in Disneyland and just sent me these pictures from the fire. Is the world ending or something? Cause t…


There were some park guests who even reported embers falling from the sky.

@Disneyland looking surreal with #canyonfire2 burning in the distance

Others noticed how the castle looked just like Disney's new Halloween Time advertisement.

Eerie skies over @Disneyland looks like the #HalloweenTime advertisement... #canyonfire2 #anaheimhills

The photos are as striking as they are terrifying.

Dystopian future or #canyonfire2 from @Disneyland #spacemountain