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Everyone Shut Up, Vine Might Be Coming Back And I'm Freaking The Fuck Out


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We're all familiar with Vine, the greatest app of the 21st century, correct?

Vine turned making six second video clips into a freaking art form.

Then in 2016 Twitter announced they would be shutting down Vine, and it was a tragedy felt by the entire nation.

for the homie, @vine i love you💚 the first company to take a chance on me. and give me genuine support

@meechonmars / Via Twitter: @meechonmars

But just last week Dom Hofmann, the founder of Vine, announced that he had plans to create a follow-up app.

i'm going to work on a follow-up to vine. i've been feeling it myself for some time and have seen a lot of tweets, dms, etc.

@dhof / Via Twitter: @dhof
@dhof / Via Twitter: @dhof
@dhof / Via Twitter: @dhof

That brings us to today when Hofmann tweeted this picture. Could it be? Could it possible be? The rebirth of Vine??

@dhof / Via Twitter: @dhof

Obviously, Twitter lost its mind.

@sebtsb / Via Twitter: @sebtsb

It didn't take long before people started offering assistance.

@Buncahn / Via Twitter: @Buncahn

The news is definitely overwhelming.

@thecultureofme / Via Twitter: @thecultureofme

It's like the Christmas present we've always wanted but never deserved.

@dhof Wait what??? It’s only dec 6th, how can Christmas be coming this early for us??? 😭

@SamuelGrubbs1 / Via Twitter: @SamuelGrubbs1

Some offered suggestions for the new app.

bring it back but without showing followers so vine famous people cant ruin it again and we can just enjoy regular…

@NathanZed / Via Twitter: @NathanZed

While others merely offered up praise.

@elijah_fischer / Via Twitter: @elijah_fischer

Will V2 bring us more iconic moments like this?

Or this?

Even this??

We'll just have to wait and see. Until then I'm just going to be here celebrating the possible return of Vine like...

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